25 September 2007

Not all that newsworthy...

So! I have been knitting quite a bit recently. Recent endeavors include:
- a Charlie Weasley sweater for my new phone (pictoral evidence forthcoming)
- a pattern, which I submitted to Knitty!
- a sleeve for the Mermaid Mesh Tunic, which is my first real garment, and is almost done! This week for sure, folks! I'm terribly excited about finishing this. I should probably consider handing off the second sleeve to a friend, if I ever want to get work done.

In yet other crafty realms, I'm taking an ExCo (one credit courses taught by students or community members on just about anything under the sun) on wool! It's called Fabulous Fibers, and we're starting out with wet felting of wool roving. I made a few balls in class, and am trying to adequately dye them (with Flavor-Aid) and add the necessary wings to make them into a set of mini Quidditch balls. Really, what else would you expect from me? I'm hoping to make a dragon as a larger project, and I'm totally going to read up on them in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and decide upon a species. No garden variety dragons for me.

Now that that's out of the way, I can tell you about the fabulous tunes I've been listening to! In the last few days I have rediscovered Fountains of Wayne's 'New Routine', off Traffic and Weather. I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to rediscover something that's only been out for five months, but I did it anyway. It's quite wonderful. I can't believe critics didn't fall in love with that album. It defined my summer (as I've probably already mentioned)!

And then there's that musical equivalent of comfort food, Crowded House. For the first time EVER (that I can remember), I've tuned my guitar down a half-step so I can play along with Fall At Your Feet. Dad, you're absolutely right, it's one of my new favorite songs. I'm going to become quite familiar with C#m, D#m and G# because of it. And new chord-playing abilities is awesome. The most unfortunate part of the whole deal was that my guitar was perfectly in tune before I took it down to Eb, etc.

Hopefully I'll get some work done, what with all the knitting- and Crowded House-induced excitement. I'll have to; I have that paper proposal for Friday. (Ingushetiya!) Speaking of work, I think I'm going to wander off to the Language Lab to record the speaking part of my Russian test.

...But first, I think I'll play Fall At Your Feet one more time...