07 April 2006


The main intent of this page is the sharing of joyous ideas and thoughts, particularly those that pan out into something tangible, like knitting patterns. Perhaps it will make me continue to do interesting things so that the world doesn't perceive me as boring. I'm a bit hermity at times, especially on breaks, but this could definitely be entertaining.

We're going to kick off the site with possibly the most amazing thing ever, which of course, refers to a knitting pattern; my first design, in fact! Tyrannosaurus Rex! For Advent! With a pink leg! And googly eyes!

This all started when I was surfing around looking at knitting patterns online and I came across some awesome stuffed dinosaur patterns (click on 'salutations' for the link). I got this idea in my head to make a set of dinosaurs to match the colors of the liturgical calendar (a Protestant thing), and that three would not suffice. Hence, the tyrannosaurus rex. There might be another coming soon; we shall see. Overall, I'm quite pleased with it.

It will be up as soon as I figure out a reasonable posting method.


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