14 April 2008

What Am I Doing With My Time

I had no choice but to spend a good deal of my morning and a bunch of the afternoon on this. It seemed so imperative that I make this. No lie, I'm kind of proud of it.

It both does and doesn't emulate Prince:

+ there is layering of the artist's voice over itself

- the fidelity of the recording equipment...

Here it is.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Very cool.

I presume that's in the set list for Wednesday night, eh? Is it a Firecones show or a solo gig?

Since the theme of Sunday's BUMC service was Micah, Kevin and I played "What Do You Need" during the offering. When I started the second verse, I kinda choked up for a bit because in my head, I could hear your voice kicking in on the harmony.