07 April 2009

unfree media = unfair campaigns

Here's what's up in Moldova. This week I'm going to be thankful that politics in the U.S. really only get rhetorically out of hand.

I guess you could be really cynical and point out that Americans won't get off their asses and protest despicable government behavior, but I'm trying to stay as positive as I can be.


Anonymous said...

Did you not hear about TEA parties?

Bethany said...

1. Taxation is not "despicable government behavior". Try starting unjust wars. Evasion of subpoenas. ELECTION FRAUD. That's "despicable".

2. In other countries, like Moldova and Iran and the Ukraine, when elections are falsified, people take to the streets.

3. And they stay in the streets. FOR 17 DAYS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orange_Revolution

In America, we sit on our asses and complain. It's the goal of cutting funding to social programs that gets people motivated. Capitalism at it's worst, ladies and gentlemen.