03 July 2009

Two Months in One Post

The last few months have ranged from obnoxiously hectic to obnoxiously unscheduled, and I've found both ends of the spectrum to be extremely tiring.

Taking into consideration that approximately 50% of all events that take place on Oberlin's campus happen in April (the other 50% happen between the last day of classes and Commencement), and I've been chilling around MN for a month or so, here is a list of:

Things That Have Happened Since My Last Blog Post
1. Jonathan Rundman gave a concert at First Church of Oberlin, UCC. Ecumenical Christians of Oberlin sponsored the event, which regardless of turnout, was quite enjoyable. My friends Marty and Colette saw to it that the UCC hymnal became part of Jonathan's hymnal collection, and there was some geeking out about Scandinavian heritages. Afterward, my friend Anna and I took Jonathan out to dinner at the Feve (om nom nom), and posed for a picture on the newly dedicated Toni Morrison bench near my house.

2. After an OB-52s gig fell through at the 'Sco, Linden and Tyler and I deejayed the Dance Marathon. I seem to recall a reenactment of Zumba class on the 'Sco stage to the tune of the Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian".

3. Laminaria. It really deserves it's own special post, so more on that later.

4. The OB-52s had our last show at the Jewish/Muslim students' picnic. There was a pretty decently sized audience, which included a lot of people who hadn't been able to make it to any of our other shows! It was our most relaxed show, though there were a few really memorable moments. "Funplex" somehow ended up at an incredibly fast pace, and Tyler and I started laughing.

5. I received a generous gift from my knitting circle, and promptly realized that they are going to be one of the most missed things about Oberlin. Here is a really cute picture of them:

6. Last day of classes!! My last class was an exam in New Testament/Christian Origins. In retrospect, I must say, that test went pretty well.

7. I went on a really nice walk with Liz. I was feeling pretty ready to leave at a time when it felt like most people weren't. There are things I'll miss about Oberlin, but I was really excited about everything ahead. I think it was about to implode with anxiousness about hearing back about an LVC placement.

8. Special meal at Pyle: I got people to be down with cooking Russian food without feeling like I was imposing my tastes on others! Hooray! Made pirog. Eet was delicious (imho, but then again, I like cabbage).

9. I realized and admitted to myself that I am addicted to lace.

10. Commencement week happened. It was stressful; it was exciting; it was awesome; it was kind of sad. The Piano Extravaganza was amazing, and the dean of the Conservatory has a good sense of humor. The Politics department largely ignored me at their department meeting, but the Russian department was downright lovely, as always. I spent quite a while watching Tim Scholl's dog run around with a small child. I spent time with people at my house, and parties and a barbeque. I dressed up like Kate Pierson for Illumination. The Firecones (and Danielle and Julia) danced front and center at the OSteel performance. This last event was documented on Oberlin's website. Oh. And I graduated.

11. Saw Bruce Springsteen's guitar from Born to Run. It's been retrofitted with new pickups several times. It's his favorite guitar, and so beat up and so cool and he says that it's his only guitar that he can put on and not feel extra weight. It's like an extension of himself. Sooooooo cooooooooooooooooooool!!
Note: In the past, I had written that this guitar had been used on every album since Tunnel of Love. That was another guitar they had. Not as cool as the first, but almost!

12. I saw Jonathan again, and Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan, and Lloyd Garretson, and some other cool Lutheran musicians at this show/worship resource debut thing.

13. I saw the Legendary Shack Shakers for the first time. Also my first time at the 400 bar.

14. I saw Erik Brandt / the Urban Hillbilly Quartet perform at the Gingko Coffeehouse. Tried the Vanilla Black Tea. The drummer recognized me, for some reason, and he also told a really great story about Brer Possum and some toads. (Is it deep enough yet?) There was also an artist who had his computer/drawing pad hooked up to a projector and drew live art during the whole show.

Sidenote for Obies: The Gingko Coffeehouse is one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities. If you crossed the Cat in the Cream (murals, coffeehousey atmosphere, live music) with Java Zone (on a corner, that kind of a menu, neat old tin ceiling), you'd have it. If you multiplied Java Zone by two, that'd be about the size of it.

15. The local cool old theater (the Heights) showed "West Side Story" for a week, and my parents, brother, godmother and I went to see it.

16. I've been cleaning out my room. Basically, you're supposed to clean house before you move and get rid of tons of stuff, but I wasn't around when we moved last summer. So I get to do it now. Hoo boy. Fun times, I tell ya.

17. Aaaaand... I have a list of all of the knitting circles in the general area, and have been frequenting a few. Finished the pair of socks that I started the morning of Commencement (and worked on during the ceremony), and finished another pair of socks today. Also knit a halter top from the latest issue of Knitty. Have generally amazed my new knitting circle cohorts by my ability to knit lace while socializing.

I've also been reading a little, and have watched a few movies. Unfortunately, I've not done that much of either. Hopefully that will change in the weeks to come. However, I am past page 100 in Гарри Поттер (Garri Potter)! Yaaaaaay!

Also, in case this was at all in question, Limenviolet are awesome.

And! In case you don't know this, I'm going to be in Chicago next year! Starting August 23rd. I'll be living on the north side, and doing some youth and outreach programs at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Oh, and there was a Big Parade and the Weasleys got married, and basically, too much to tell you about at once. But generally things were pretty awesome, and recently they've been a little boring.

That is all. I know it's a lot to read in one fell swoop, but divide over the past two months, and I've really concised it up for you. Really. <3

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