28 June 2011

Precursor to Pride

To continue with our chronological order, I can't tell you about last Friday until I tell you about the preceding weeks. Pretty much, it was filled with various clothing/craft projects that largely consisted of rainbows.

While wandering through a fabric store, Amoeba and I spotted this ribbon. Add the buckle, and some assistance from my mother, and we have this belt!

Onto Friday:

For Amoeba and I, Pride didn't really start until Saturday. We spent Friday afternoon and evening about an hour north of the Twin Cities, in Harris, MN. The primary reason for the trip was a wedding. Casey, the bride, is one of Amoeba's friends from her old church. She hadn't seen her in about seven years; I had never met her. As it turns out, Casey and her husband Chris are wonderful people, and wonderful wedding planners. 15 minutes and classy. I was impressed, and delighted to meet them.

Amoeba also took me to the Franconia Sculpture Park. It's an artist collective that has residential and work space for artists. Art in a field! So exciting. Here's what captivated me:

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