05 August 2011

Честно, я не знаю...

The Russian bathroom attendant saw my confusion. Oh, if she only knew.

Choosing 'the right' single-gender restroom is hard for me. However, this time, I knew what bathroom I was looking for.

"Женский?!" she asks, slightly incredulously, convinced I should be looking instead for the мужский туалет.

"Да." I respond, still unsure of myself.

Truthfully, it could have been construed as an honest conversation about my gender. In a sense, I suppose it really was.

In another sense, I had forgotten that Russian bathrooms have attendants, and thus might have hours posted. Because sometimes they also cost money to use, and all of the hours that mark time are fairly close to reasonable туалет prices. I was actually looking for the women's room, it just took me a minute to interpret the sign. I thought they might be standing there to collect money. Turns out it was free.

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