16 October 2011

Nestling In

I've been finding it hard to work up the energy to leave the house on the weekends. I operate too much inside my head and I'm conscious of the fact that this could be considered a symptom of culture shock. However, I think I'm going to cling to the idea that I like being holed up in my residence, inside my little den of creativity.

Yes, I should be outside. I should be appropriately dressing for the weather to go watch a Rotor football match. I should be walking around my neighborhood. I should be shopping for tennis shoes. I should be grocery shopping and planning meals for the week. Hell, it's my favorite month. I should be outside pittering around like the amateur photographer I fancy myself to be.

The alternative is that I could stay here, and knit my shawl, and watch the X Files. I could read, or listen to books and music. I could learn to play new songs. I could not interact with anyone until I presumably chat with my love on Skype later.

From the outside, it probably does look like culture shock. But: I did this in Minnesota. I did this during every school break at Oberlin. Why shouldn't I do it here?

I think today, for a change, I'm settle on the medium of going for a walk with my camera, and settling down with my shawl at a cafe. Warm and relaxed, but at least out of the house.


Lynne said...

Psst...want some random zines? If you do, email me your address. I figure you can read them while being all nest-y.

Also, I'm going through The X-Files (the entire thing) with one of my partners right now. We just started Season 7. I know 8 and 9 are going to be brutal for her.

Cory Ellen Boberg said...

Some of my favorite days in Japan involved sitting upstairs at my host family's house watching American TV episodes and knitting while cocooned in my blankets. When you thrive on alone time, holing up isn't a sign of bad social skills, it's a sign of good self care.

I also really loved it when Franklin mentioned in my photography class that while many creative people enjoy interacting with others, there's a whole other subgroup that feels most at home when they're alone. Nothing wrong with that. <3

Ondrea said...

Consistent behavior is a good thing!

If you are looking for something similar to X-Files (and Lost Room, if you've seen that one) and have Netflix, try Warehouse 13. I'm only 2 episodes in, but enjoying it.