19 September 2013

Defining 'Finished'

Due to reasons that are what they are, there is so much yarn in my life right now and it is absolutely amazing. I'm trying really hard to not be overwhelmed and I think it's working! I've been bursting at the seams with ideas and I can't knit fast enough. People keep observing that I'm such a fast knitter, and it is not fast enough. Must. Knit. Faster. 

There's simply too much excitement that's been going on in my brain that I'm going to have to break it down into smaller posts. Today, I going to talk about what might be my most obnoxious habit: not finishing projects and pretending I did.

Cory Ellen has brought to my attention this radical idea that WIPs aren't really finished until they're, you know, actually finished. As a result of my process-knitter tendencies, my love of lace and my masculine-leaning sense of style (if I can go so far as to say I have a sense of style)... I don't block my shawls or weave in the ends.

Pictured are 13 lace shawls/scarves, 3 non-lace shawls/scarves and 2 hats. All of these projects need ends woven in, and most need blocking. A couple have been blocked already, and a couple more may have been blocked, but I honestly can't remember, and if they were, they could use another round.

I'm not even including the pair of socks whose ends have felted into the sock at the toes and dangle hopelessly at the cuff. 

This pile is a good starting point. I've set a goal to finish one per week and should have one knocked out by tomorrow!

(note: I apologize for the photo placement making this post less legible. I've been fighting with Blogger about this for over an hour and am considering cutting ties. Suggestions or advice on working with photos in Blogger or on abandoning their platform altogether?)


Ondrea said...

Felting in the ends on socks by wearing them....BRILLIANT.

Lynne said...

OMG! You definitely need to block those things! I don't despise blocking, so let me know if you'd want me to take care of a couple of them for you.

Ethan Draeger said...

Thanks for the offer, Lynne! I'm going to try my hand at teaching myself to enjoy blocking, though. I (sorely) need to develop the habit.