09 May 2006

FSM? six weeks late


finals are coming up, and consequently, i should not be knitting and watching so much x files. but i did buy myself a little knitting knobby the other day, and have been making blue i-cord (leftover t-rex yarn) and have been pondering what to do with it. a friend suggested i make a series of flying spaghetti monsters to reflect the stages of picasso's art (blue, rose, and cubist). we shall see, we shall see.

once i find my size fours again, there will soon be another pattern for you all to feast your eyes upon...inspired by the mental obsessions of brady higa.

i wrote that back in mayish. and now its julyish. so it's outdated, and the robot (the aforementioned pattern that incorporates my size 4 dpns) is still unfinished, but coming along nicely.

in other news, there's this neat shrug entitled 'Bobblicious' on Knitty, and i've started that in ravenclaw colors. the hogwarts set shall be complete before the summer's out. there's an abandoned rexlace belt still on the needles, which i suppose i'll finish one of these days.

i've decided that perhaps a way to make myself blog more often and even regularly, is to go with this trend of using 'shuffle' on iTunes and listing the first ten songs that come up. here's this week's listening. i'll put them in song (album) - artist order for clarity.

1. Better Days (Better Days) - Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes
2. She Said, She Said (The Big Come Up) - The Black Keys
3. Parker's Mood (Ken Burns Jazz) - Charlie Parker
4. Sometimes a Fantasy (Glass Houses) - Billy Joel
5. She's Not You (Worldwide Gold Award Hits) - Elvis Presley
6. Dose (Dose) - Latin Playboys
7. Wade in the Water (A Portrait) - Chanticleer
8. Company in My Back (A Ghost is Born) - Wilco
9. This Time Darlin' (Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell) - Social Distortion
10. 747s (Public Library) - Jonathan Rundman

...nothing too incriminating...i lucked out this week, i guess.

grace and peace. and yarn. ;)

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