07 July 2006

My First Mitten!

Soon and very soon you are going to see the robot.
But not today.

However, I happened upon the most wonderful contest the other day called Bitchin Mittens. Basically, creating art in mitten form. I've been playing around in my head with possibilities and decided to use yarns from my stash to make (to be honest my mum helped me think of this) Mondrian Mittens. Here's the first one:

I'm not sure as I want the pair to match, so I may come up with some variation of Mondrian's initials (PM) in the five or so colors he liked so much. I made this first one in under 24 hours, which makes me really happy. The world of mittens is intriguing. It almost makes me wish for winter to come sooner. Almost.

I'll post the intarsia chart whenever I get around to finishing and posting the robot.

Grace and peace.


Dave Daniels said...

That's a REALLY cute mitten.
Are you signed up on the BM site? You should post a link over tehre so others can see this. It's great!

LaurieM said...

Hey! Neat! I wonder what they'd look like with a different main color. For instance, I think a grey background might let the blue pop.

bdraeger said...

A grey background would indeed look cool, especially because Mondrian used grey sometimes, too. (I chose purple to use up some of my Red Heart stash.) Black might add an interesting effect, too, blending in with the lines.

nicole niesennn said...

you are insane. i love it.

how are you so good at knitting? i understand you have much more patience than i do... if only i could stick with it long enough to have a finished SOMETHING. i've got about 3 projects lying around half finished. oops.