18 October 2007

Friday Pie Blogging: Initiative Thursday Edition

In response to Fafblog's depressin lacka updates, I've decided to take it up myself. What prompted this, you ask? Why, maybe it's cause I ate that big slice o' pie this afternoon! Initiative pie!

Most folks don't know about initiative pie, on accounta the fact that you can't find it in the store. See, initiative pie is only initiative pie when you make it yourself from scratch. Serve it up at family gatherins all you want, but it's not gonna make your relatives more helpful. O' course, you could disguise the recipe as lemon meringue, an have the kids fix it. That could work.

Anyway! So initiative pie makes the you thinka things, talk them over with yourself for a coupla minutes, an commmit to 'em indefinitely. Like takin over the responsibility o' roughly weekly pie-based internet posts!

Initiative pie is also good for the college student crowd, speically those who're headin into fall break this week! Since you clearly put off studyin for your midterms until the last minute an spent the last week stressin about papers an stuff. So during break - bake some initiative pie! An eat it! Then you can do research an prepare for classes next week and have some relaxin times when you get back! It'll be great!

Warning: If you're not careful about cookin it long enough, initiative pie doesn't turn out quite right. It kinda becomes meets-the-minimum-requirements pie. But you can still eat it, seein as its pie an all. Tastes pretty good.

...Turns out another parta initiative pie is that you have to go find your own picture of it. Specially since my computer's not wantin to load images properly.


Dave said...

Friday pie blogging!

We do need to point out that you inadvertently added a "g" onto "relaxin."

Giblets would probably be dissatisfied.

bdraeger said...

Oops. I think that was an instance a my syntax slippin back into Dino Comics mode. Happens sometimes.

I hope Giblets would accept my apologies. But he probably wouldn't.