30 August 2008

Fall Schedule: Ups and Downs

Today I decided to actually take a look at which classes I'm registered for, and what my schedule is going to look like. There are still several changes I have to make during add/drop, but I'm getting a clearer picture. Unfortunately, it's far from the happiest picture in the world.

The biggest change is with Russian. I'm planning on taking Special Topics, which is a 400-level course. It was going to be taught by Kaminer, who I had for first and second year Russian. However, she spent the summer in England, and found a new job (she was only a visiting professor at Oberlin), so she's not going to be around. There's a new Russian professor teaching it, and the topic has changed favorably. (Used to be Women in 20th Century Literature, is now on the reactions of writers to the Revolution and new Soviet regime.) But it makes a conflict.

Some of you might remember that I got really excited in the spring when I realized I could finish off my natural science requirement by taking another computer programming course. Well, the one I'm taking has a lab, which is either Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

Problem Number One: Wednesday afternoon conflicts with Women's Chorale. Thursday afternoon conflicts with 400-level Russian. Damn.

Tentative Plan Number One: I'm going to talk to Dr. Kerchner and see if we can work something out where I come to choir on Mondays, and maybe Wednesdays if I have time, and look over stuff on my own.

Then! there's the not-so-awesome-but-survivable situation with my history seminar on Stalinism. Basically:

Problem Number Two: It meets Friday afternoon, which is also knitting circle at my LYS.

Plan Number Two: It's not that big a deal. I'll come afterwards. Also, the Fearless Knitting ExCo is going to involve a couple more evenings of scheduled knitting circles, too. It'll be fine.

On the plus side, this opens up some of my mornings for KPing or cooking at the co-op, and leaves some afternoons open to get a lunch crew out of the way. Yeah!


Problem Number Three: Is signing up for 8am MWF strength training a really bad idea? I could do 10am, but it would run right up against another class.

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