27 August 2008

Wednesday Has Been A Good Day.

Today was good.

It didn't start off the best, meaning that it started at about noon, but hey, sleep is good, too.

Linden and Liz got in yesterday, so they've been around all day, and it's really nice to have some company after spending several days alone in the apartment.

Probably the lowest point were the two times that I had walked to the mailroom to pick up my new license, and realized that I had forgotten either my package slip, or my ID. But I got it eventually, and I like it.

Early this afternoon, Liz and I did a short lower body workout, which felt good. I haven't gotten any exercise all summer that wasn't walking. (Though I did walk a lot.) I'm excited about strength training, and hoping that I can keep up a fairly consistent schedule of it this semester, even though I'm not planning to take the class again. I also have my tennis racket with me. I might take Tennis II. I've got beautiful new shoes that are really good for wearing in the weight room (I haven't worn them outside), and they're supposed to be non-marking, which means they'd be good court shoes, too.

This afternoon, Danielle got back. I ran out to meet her in the very light drizzle of a rain that lasted most of the day. Liz and Linden came back from storage, and everyone except me is still in various states of unpacked-ness.

For dinner, Danielle and I headed to the Feve, to meet up with the group of knitters that meets there twice a month. I saw some vaguely familiar faces, and David (the pastor at my church), and we ate delicious tater tots and sandwiches (I had a BLT with Danimal (spicy) tots), and I had a Rolling Rock, which I think (unless I'm missing something obvious) qualifies as my first domestically-purchased alcoholic beverage. AND I got to show my snazzy new license to the waitress.

THEN (this is where it gets super awesome for me and probably not that interesting for you), David Hill drove me back to the apartment, because he'd brought the three-drawer cart full of woolens that I stored at his and Vicki's house. Yeah! I have all of my yarn back in my possession, and I found space for it in my room. It's easily accessible space, which is even better. And now! I get to reorganize all of my knitting things.


Also, since I've jettisoned a bunch of the Red Heart, etc. that has been in untouched in Minnesota over a year, I think it calls for a recount of the stash numbers.

All around, it's been a good night.

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