04 February 2010

The Altar Guild Comic Book, and Today's General Adventures

Exciting current events:

1. My phone was stolen. This has been inconvenient, to say the least.
2. Allie is coming.

In light of #1, the timing of #2 is impeccable. It is not time to fret; it is time to gallivant around the city whilst munching on bagels and discussing theology.

I am now proud to present the first of a few installations of 'The Altar Guild Comic Book'. At church, we are compiling a church customary (or something akin to one), which records how the church functions. The altar guild is in charge of the sanctuary materials and physical preparations for worship. Their handbook reads like an Emily Dickinson poem, with many, many capitalized nouns. Here's what we're learning today:

1 comment:

Danielle said...

I love the webcomics! But I have to admit, coming from you the phrase 'vest the chalice' brings to my mind images of you knitting a little sweater vest so the communion chalice doesn't get cold in the Chicago winter.