09 February 2010


At playgroup today, there was this little boy named Henry. He really likes the new DuPont race car riding toy that's pretty new. He likes it so much that even when he's had it for a while, and then Sam really wants to play with it, he won't share. So his mom picked him up and forcibly removed him from the toy. Henry got over it (after a while), and Sam got his turn.

Well. There's this country named Ukraine, and a woman named Tymoshenko. She had her turn as Prime Minister, and lost the recent election to Yanukovych. I know it's tough. The Orange Revolution didn't result in the changes that everyone wanted, and she's lost support. But Yanukovych won. He might not be the shiniest future for Ukraine, but he won. There was not evidence of massive election fraud.

THIS IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS. It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter how terrible and horrible and mean the winner is. When you lose an election, you give up your seat, or give up your credit as a respected European leader.

Give it up, Tymoshenko, or I'll send Henry's mom over there.

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Dave said...

Tell Henry's mom to dig out her passport: http://tinyurl.com/yk6x6g4