01 January 2014

Knitting Goals for 2014

I'm feeling calm and truly relaxed for the first time in about a month. (December was nuts, and I'm kind of surprised any knitting at all happened.) Today is day one of three days off in a row (!) and I'm thinking about the days and year to come.

I'm also feeling inspired by my buddy Erica's blog, and so here are my plans and hopes for knitting in the coming year:

1. Continue coldsheeping (not buying yarn). Exceptions are totally fine, but I'm gonna aim for keeping them within reason. I don't need a repeat of last April, or June, or August.

2. Finish every knitting project that is in progress as of January 1, 2014.

3. Finish every design project that is in progress as of January 1, 2014.

4. Knit at least one Niebling project.

5. Photograph projects in progress and when completed as timely as possible.

6. Block, finish and photograph all unfinished shawls.

7. Continue expanding sock drawer. Always keep socks in progress: pair them with patterns and queue them up for the needles.

8. Keep at least one project in a mindless state. Preferably mindless and portable.

9. (embarrassing, but I deserve the shame) - Wash handknit socks in a timely manner.

Wild and crazy 10: Be able to fit all yarn into their seven designated tubs?

- - -

I'll be kicking off this year of hopefully-more-responsible knitting by blocking my newly-finished Triinu Scarf (from Knitted Lace of Estonia, by Nancy Bush). I'm hoping to keep the momentum up and spend the first several weeks of this year plowing through my pile of unblocked shawls. If there's one thing this dry winter weather is good for, it's fast blocking.

What do you hope your knitting life looks like in 2014?


Lynne said...

Sounds like a pretty solid plan. I need post about mine pretty soon.

Unknown said...

I guess it helps to write them down. One of my goals is to create my own kits with existing yarn so that everything except the needles is together.

And finish what I have started.

But staritis is strong now....

fecknom said...

Startitis is really strong! I made little sock kits several years ago, and probably only ever knit a few of them. I have a hard time keeping socks paired up and ready to go, so I might have to make up a few kits myself! Good thinking.

Kate said...

My goals are to go cold sheep until the end of June and to finish things I start. It's just so sad when projects languish in a state of WiP.

I love the idea of getting one's stash to fit in one's designated Stash space, though. That's an excellent stretch goal.:D