09 January 2014

Small Accomplishments Day

One Thursday morning several months ago, a coworker of mine announced that she had finally gotten around to getting a library card. Everybody was excited for her (because books!), but we kind of all agreed that it wasn't something to be too proud of. So, we introduced the idea of Small Accomplishments Day.

Small Accomplishments Day has become a tradition in our break room. It's celebrated every Thursday, which is perfect, because Thursday is the time of the week when we're over the hump, but far enough from the weekend that an extra nudge of encouragement still really helps. It's the day we congratulate ourselves for doing the little things we did, or the big things that we really should have been doing for a while now but finally just this week got around to doing, or the things that aren't super impressive but we've decided to take pride in anyway. For me it's usually some bit of housework I've been neglecting. The last week of December it was sweeping the floors. Hopefully next week I'll have a good laundry report.

Really, it's the absolute perfect weekly observance for anyone who's trying to get their shit together.

Today, though, I'm really excited to say that I have blocked two things this week. I posted photos of my Triinu Scarf on Tuesday, and today, I got to give this large and squooshy thing to its recipient. 

Several weeks ago, another of my coworkers (whose library card status is unknown to me), had a vague idea for a big, squishy, white cowl. (I'm usually pretty selfish about my knitting, but she's a recent transplant to Chicago and is still getting used to winter as a thing that involves snow. I get a little worried about the Californians.) This morning, admittedly a unfortunately-timed few days behind the Polar Vortex, I presented to her Mad Squish.

Pattern (coming soon): Mad Squish, by fecknom.
Yarn: 1 skein Cascade Ecological Wool (100% wool;
478 yd/437 m per 250 g) -  color 8010.
Needle size: US 13
It feels so nice to have executed something so well. (I cast on one for myself tonight.) It's wonderfully squishy and holds it's shape impressively. I know the actual knitting is only a small part of the design process, but hey, I have to leave something for future Thursdays, right?

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