07 January 2008


Hey friends! Here's a nifty quiz you can take to test your skills of observation. Don't worry, it won't take long. There's only one question:

1. What is wrong with the following:
"Short Sleeve Cable Vest"

Answer in the comments!


bdraeger said...

From Merriam-Webster online:

Vest (noun)
2 a: a sleeveless garment for the upper body usually worn over a shirt

Therefore: not a vest.

1 correct - Congratulations! You understand how to identify basic articles of clothing.
0 correct - You would be well suited to spend time familiarizing yourself with garb classification.

linden said...

sweet. i was going to say:
it's ugly! but then i realized that's not inherently a flaw. err, maybe. it's debatable.
and then i was like, wait, it's a shirt! that's why this so-called vest looks stupid over this long-sleeved shirt.
(sorry if you don't think it's ugly, that whole thing is subjective; and if for some bizarre reason you knit me one, i would wear it. provided it was not in that color)