10 January 2008

A Small Epiphany

The Brothers Karamazov is progressing. It's (obviously) not the happiest thing I've ever read, and I did read a very frustrating part of it this afternoon ("The Grand Inquisitor"). However, I must tell you about the realization I came to Tuesday evening.

For those of you who don't know, B.K. centers around the Karamazov family, which isn't anywhere near a normal, cohesive family, but rather about four guys who are technically related but don't really act like it. The father is perhaps the most obnoxious of them (so far), his name is Fyodor Pavlovich. He is kind of greedy, boisterious, and often 'plays the buffoon'. At this point, I'm convinced he is a buffoon at heart. Anyway, he is described (I think) as being somewhat stout, and I've been imagining him as a short little round man, kind of balding, with piggy little eyes.

As I was watching the coverage of the NH primaries, it dawned on me: fix up Fyodor's teeth and add a toupee, and who do you have?

Tim Russert!

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Dave said...

I think Tim's on the tall side, but he's got the buffoon thing nailed.