15 February 2008

sweater MIA

So, those of you who hang around me a lot probably know you don't see my phone a lot. Mostly, what you see is the sweater it's encased in. Specifically, the red sweater with a big C on the front for Charlie (Weasley, me). Unfortunately, that sweater has gone missing.

I noticed it was gone when I came home from church a couple of weeks ago, and I remembered having it earlier that morning as I was walking to church. Today, I finally remembered to stop by First Church and look for it. No luck. I've searched my room again, to no avail. It's time to make the replacement. Fortunately, I wrote myself a little pattern in my journal, so I can get the exact fit. It did fit perfectly.

The question: What do I make? Do I make another sweater? If so, same color, different color? (It should probably be solid, since it's a Weasley sweater.) Or should I make a little Totoro?

By the time anyone responds, I will have probably cast on already, but feel free to share your opinion. Hey, maybe I'll make both!

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