22 February 2008

Friday Pie Blogging: the Travelin' Pie Edition

Travelin' pie mostly hangs out on trains an Greyhound busses an sometimes airplanes an always diners. Travelin' pie never hangs around for too long, so you gotta catch him an say hello when you can. This is the perfect time for that, seein' as how travelin' pie's here right now.

What is travelin' pie? you ask. Well, friends, travelin' pie is any sorta pie that feels like it's been sittin' in the display case at Perkins isn't how it envisioned it's life, and takin' a break and headin' out into the unknown for a while might do it some good. However, travelin' pie frequently becomes homesick pie whenever it gets too far from the good ol' bakery where it grew up, and that's why you see it hangin' out at all the diners. This means whenever you see pie at a diner, you should maybe eat it, since it'd be puttin' it outta it's misery, an' all. No one wants sad pie.

Sometimes pies travel for days, weeks, or years. If you encounter a pie that's been travelin' for years, you might not wanna eat it. This particular piece a pie that stopped by left town in mid-January, an' I hear he traveled in a refrigerated train car. I bet if you ate some it'd be okay.

Gotta be quick, though. Catch him an have a bite; he's only here a coupla more days.

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