12 June 2008

holy cow you guys

What is going on in my life? Oh not a whole lot other than this GOING TO RUSSIA THING which starts tomorrow. Actually, the journey begins in about 4 hours, when I have to leave my house at 4:15 a.m. You're jealous, maybe, but not of that detail, I bet.

My feelings at the moment are a mixture of excitement and terror. My emotions leaving home are excitement and bittersweetness. As many of you know, during my two month stay in St. Petersburg, there's a strong chance that my parents might move. We haven't moved since I was three, so we've spent 17 years in this house, and there's a strong chance I'll walk out of it for the last time in four hours.

WELL. Let's get as much sleep as possible packed into those four hours, eh?

If you want a postcard, make sure I have your address. If you want a more substantial souvenir, then tough luck; that's up to my discretion.

I send wishes for happy summers to you all, and wishes that the rain might leave its recent victims alone and go precipitate on the drier areas in the rest of the country it's been ignoring.

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