23 June 2008

Not Much New Today

I'm still working on getting photos up. I'm not sure if it's better to post them directly on here, or link to flickr, or create an account on comcast or kodak and link there. I'll work it out, pick out some pictures, caption them, and have lots of cool things for you to see Wednesday.

As for this weekend - Friday night was an adventure. Not the best adventure, but an interesting one. It marked the end of classes for tons of students in the city, and so it really seemed like everyone in the city between 18 and 25 was out on Nevsky Prospekt (the main thoroughfare). My friends and I were out late, but we spent time at different places: We had planned to go to a club, but I got turned away, because I'm not 21. (We didn't realize there was an age limit, and it seems a little arbitrary since the drinking age is 18...) But anyway, most of the rest of the the group paid 200 rubles to get inside, so a friend and I (Grace) hung out at a Coffee House for a while, unsuccessfully trying to call her a cab. In the end, we all met back up, and things turned out pretty okay. There were SO many people, and they were SO happy (I think their good performance in recent football matches had something to do with it, too). So many drunk people waving flags and shouting 'Ros-si-ya!' It was amusing, to say the least.

Saturday, predictably, I spent most of the day knitting. Catching up on knitting podcasts (Stash & Burn, of course, and I'm getting hooked on Cast On). Watched an episode of X Files (The Field Where I Died, for some reason). Worked on the sweater.

Sunday we had an excursion to Peterhof. How to explain it...
Peterhof : St. Petersburg :: Versailles : Paris.
The fountains there are wonderful. I'll tell you more when I have pictures to back it up.

Last night, I wrote two essays for class today. One was really short, about our excursion to a gorgeous cathedral last week (again, I'll tell you more when I've got pictures). The second? The social responsibility of wealthy people. Hoo boy, that was fun. Fortunately, we're focusing on architecture for the next two weeks, which doesn't make me want to stab myself in the face quite as much as pure economics (not watered down with politics) does. Tonight's homework? Wander around certain parts of the city and locate some pamyatniks (statues). Should be interesting.

Also, I asked my grammar professor today about places nearby where I can buy buttons. She told me about a store that's not too far from Smolny. This sweater? It's going to be awesome. (Which sweater? That one I was really indecisive about and wouldn't shut up about for a month. Look back at April-May entries for further details, if you care.)

Kay, that's all I've got. I remembered to bring my power cord today, but not the adapter for the outlets. *Sigh.* One step at a time.

Actually, no, I have more. I will be in a new house when I get home! Here are some pictures.

My comments on the new digs:
(1) It's looking real white. I sure hope we invest in paint soon.
(2) There's a real fireplace?! Say it with me: Friggin' sweet!
(3) What is that oven doing so high off the ground? Intriguing, indeed...
(4) I can't see the stove. It is gas or electric?
(5) That laundry room ain't too shabby. It has cabinets!

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