24 February 2009

Google Doesn't Know Everything

Google says I (or, I suppose, a fellow Bethany) need the following things:

1. Bethany needs a middle name.
2. Bethany needs a new liver - or else she could be dead by Christmas.
3. Bethany needs you!
4. Bethany needs to go home.
5. Bethany needs help with this new venture...

Well, I guess number 3 probably true.

Things Bethany needs, according to herself:

1. Bethany needs a job.
2. Bethany needs to apply for some jobs.
3. Bethany needs to think about grad school.
4. Bethany needs to do some reading.
5. Bethany needs to do some laundry.

Also, figure out what I'm playing at the Ash Wednesday service tomorrow. Ash Wednesday! My favorite holiday! Tomorrow is going to be intense. Whee!


Emily said...

What an uncommon favorite holiday. How did that come to be?

bdraeger said...

I like the beginnings of things, it's quiet and kind of contemplative, there's a neat ritual involved, and it's not a huge deal (it's kind of an undercover holiday, if you will).

Anonymous said...

Bethany needs to talk to some people who might know organizations who could use her skills and passions -- and love of Russian!