24 February 2009

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

Junebug has a hard bassline; I should really be practicing if we're going to get it together for Saturday.


According to the internet (Billboard and Rolling Stone - so these are like real sources):

James Iha (guitarist from the Smashing Pumpkins)


Bun E. Carlos (drummer from Cheap Trick)


Taylor Hanson (keyboardist from Hanson)


Adam Schlesinger (bassist from Fountains of Wayne)

ARE FORMING A BAND called Tinted Windows.

Now, I'm going to admit that I'm not as conversant in Smashing Pumpkins and Cheap Trick as I probably should be. But Hanson was what sucked me into the music world in the first place, and FoW, well, let's just say that everything monsieur Schlesinger touches is powerpop gold.

The one thing I don't understand is how that happened. I mean, of all of the four of them, who's the one that said 'hey we should start a band'? I mean, can you just walk up to other accomplished artists and say 'hey, guy from Cheap Trick, come be in my band'? Is that, like, normal? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

Anywho, I AM SO PSYCHED FOR APRIL. (When their record comes out.)

Go go go go go go go listen to the single.


Dave said...

I don't know how I missed the whole song yesterday. There's a snippet of video of this and another song on their myface page: http://www.myspace.com/tintedwindows

The RS story makes some sense of it. Hanson and Schlesinger met years ago and expressed a desire to work together. What they missed that was in the Billboard piece is that Schlesinger and Iha are partners in a studio. Cheap Trick gets bandied about as an influence and--who knew?--Bun E.'s got some time on his hands.

bdraeger said...

UPDATE: Taylor is just singing. It is so weird to see him out from behind a keyboard. So weird, but so cool.