09 February 2009

New Adventures

So I have this friend. Her name is Danielle. Twice now, she has given me gifts that sort of spiral out of control. Well, once. And I'm predicting the second one.

The first gift was an Oxford Russian-English dictionary, in August 2006, for my birthday. The August before I took Winter term, which was the August before I fell in love with the Russian language, and so on and so forth. But I had the dictionary. I had to continue. It leads back to Danielle.

And now, we have the DROP SPINDLE AND ROVING. We kind of all knew that me learning to spin was an inevitable thing. Well, folks. Now it's here.


I watched a couple of YouTube videos and read through the instructions, and have managed to make several questionably usable inches. It's really twisty. I'm going to do some more research and try again later this week.

1. Danielle is awesome.
2. Danielle has either incredible influence or foresight. I suppose either of those are cool.

D: Thanks!


Emily said...

Holy crap we should totally learn to spin together! I have a drop spindle with about 15 inches of very twisty and bumpy yarn on it! I sort of stopped for a long time because I think I need to work with an actual person trying to figure it out, not a book.

voiceofmanycolours said...

I just got a spindle too! Once you get it going (I youtubed it as well) it's far more addictive than anything you've ever done (unless you've done crack, maybe) and anything you'd ever expect. Oh lord.