01 April 2007

Epiphany: Revolutionary Style

So I'm happily reading the chapter in DeFronzo about the Revolution in Nicaragua, and he talking about how the Reagan administration were a bunch of lying, corrupt jerks who acted in ways that the whole rest of the world disagreed with, pretty much. I knew that already, though not in so much detail. Then in two sentences:

"The contras had received tens of millions of dollars in the two-year period during which Congress blocked U.S. government funds. It was disclosed in 1986, 1987, and 1988 that Reagan administration personnel had sold weapons to Iran (involved then in its war with Iraq) at two to three times the cost, evidently diverting some of the huge profits to the contras."

WHOA. I totally have a minute understanding of what people mean when the refer to 'Iran-Contra'. Even if I learn nothing else for the rest of the year, my semester will have been worth it.

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