04 April 2007


So I've described this fingerless mitten that's gone missing. I'm still looking for it, but am starting to look around to find the yarn (Red Heart Tweed - Cranberry) to knit a replacement. However, this is much more difficult than it should be. I tried the internets. It's not really helping. I only need a small part of a skein. Here are my options:
1. Spend $15 on eBay and get 3 skeins.
2. Request that Ben Franklin order more.
3. Knit it in a different color (which I really don't want to do).
4. Try to figure out what I used the rest of that skein for and unravel those things and reuse the yarn.

It's such a cool yarn, and judging by the limited presence of it, they might be discontinuing it... or maybe it's just a lesser known brand of theirs.

I did find one site that appeared to have it, but the prices and other colors weren't showing up.

I am sick and tired of clicking on links, thinking I've found a seller, and it's only another search engine. Gah!

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