20 April 2007

Super Stition!

Last night I was looking over my syllabus for Russian 102. I didn't get much sleep Wednesday night, so I was looking at the homework for the 26th, instead of the 19th. Now our Friday Russian class is usually a discussion (we're watching a long movie in small pieces), so we don't typically have work to hand in. However, next Friday (and oddly enough, today, too) we have homework to turn in. Why? Because, according to the syllabus, there's this Russian суеверие (superstition) that says:

If you fail to do your work for the last Friday in April your nose will drop off!

Now: is that not the greatest superstition you've ever heard? Beats the heck out of black cats walking around.


Dave said...

That's is way cool, although this guy had some pretty good ones:

bdraeger said...

Now that I've finished the course, I've come to the conclusion that Tom Newlin (head of the Russian Department) made it up. Oh well. He had me fooled.