05 April 2007

Yarn curse?

I went to Ben Franklin today... and discovered some bad news. Turns out, Red Heart's Tweed line has been discontinued. Bah.

My dad has this weird relationship with aftershaves. He'll find one he likes, and then they'll discontinue it. It's happened several times, from what I understand (though his latest choice seems to be doing well).

The woman at Ben Franklin did describe a similar sort of phenomenon: they discontinue yarns that sell well in Oberlin.

So I could spend $15 and get three skeins of the stuff from eBay. However, I think I'll just figure out where the rest of the skein went and unravel some of those things.

Hopefully Ben Franklin is cursed, and not me.

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Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

Yarn Curses... Funny... I like it.

I noticed in your descript you like Star-Wars, there are a slew of character bloggers out there. On my blog, I have links to some of their sites.