11 February 2008

Quiz pt 2

Yet another opportunity for you to test your mad garment ID skillz has presented itself. I was intending, a few weeks ago, to photograph a page from one of my mother's magazines. I forgot to do this before leaving MN, but I found a replacement. Without further ado:

1. What is wrong with this?

2. Is the concept alluded to above really that difficult to understand?

Answers in the comments!


bdraeger said...

1. NOT A VEST. I understand this time around, you aren't actually instructed to make sleeves. Just really wide, droopy armbands. But look at the way it hangs. IT'S NOT A VEST.

2. No.


0 correct = Um, wow. (Turns head and grimaces.)

1 correct = If you answered #1 correctly, then perhaps we have a difference of opinion. If you answered only #2 correctly, enroll in remedial courses immediately.

2 correct = Congratulations! You've attained a completely reasonable and to-be-expected level of common sense. Thank God.

Ondrea said...

Huzzah! I have common sense (at least I do tonight).