14 March 2008

the Great Legwarmer Adventure and an Unrelated Odd Encounter

The Great Legwarmer adventures is pretty exciting, unless you're really into knitting, in which case you might not care. Too bad, my friends. You'll have to read it anyway, in order to hear about my weird encounter with some people that were driving around Oberlin last night.

So, for the last several months, I've been telling myself 'Man, I really need to knit me some legwarmers.' For leg-warming reasons. More recently, due to the influence of Linden, I've been recently enjoying cheesy 80s pop music more than I ever have before, which increases the need for legwarmers even more. And sort of necessitates that they be in a ridiculously bright color.

I realized that I have a pattern for some good-looking l-ws in Simple Knitted Gifts, which calls for Cascade 220 stranded with some Kidsilk Haze, I think. I decided to try it using some Jo-Ann Sensations rainbow boucle. (Brilliant decision, I know.) I was thinking the yarn was too thin, and decided to double strand it. I got about 2/3 done with one leg, and decided I didn't like it, and was slightly concerned about having enough yarn. (The skein looked huge, but it was only 300g or so, and doubling it... it was a valid concern.)

Monday night, at my X Files ExCo (small 1 credit class taught by Linden and Liz), I decided to frog it and start over using a single strand.

Tuesday afternoon, the spring 2008 issue of Knitty was put up online. In it, I found Mosey. It is incredibly adorable, exactly what I've been looking for, and a perfect excuse to restart the legwarmer project using an entirely different pattern and yarn combination.

Also, it was a way to justify buying this GORGEOUS jade green Ella Rae Classic I've been ogling for four months. I purchased it Wednesday afternoon, and cast on Wednesday evening.

No regrets so far. Nor do I expect any.

THEN. After two OSCA-related meetings last night, the first of which was responsible for me missing dinner at the co-op, I walked to the co-op to get some leftovers. Fortunately, there were some plates of food saved that hadn't been claimed, because our leftovers fridge had been too warm and we had to throw out all of the leftovers. I'm getting ahead of myself. ON THE WAY TO THE CO-OP, there were a couple of guys in a van, clearly from out-of-town, who stopped to ask where the Ivy Tree Inn was. For those of you who know the area, they were on Morgan St and Professor St, so I tried to tell them the Inn was about two houses away on the other side of their vehicle. They didn't really listen though, to what I was saying. Instead:

Guy: "Are you Russian?"
Me: "Huh?" (I was a little taken aback. Since I spend so much time studying Russian language and politics, it was like a stranger knowing something about me.)
Guy: "Are you from Russia? The Ukraine?"
Me: "Um, no."
Guy: "Really? You sound Russian. You speak with a Russian accent..."

I told him that I study Russian, but thought to myself that I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed how I sound when I speak English. But hey, I like Russia. I'll take it as a compliment.

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