30 March 2008

The Least Productive Spring Break Ever

All around, it wasn't so bad. That does not mean much got done.

Five cool things
1. (Most importantly) I found out I got accepted into the Смольный summer langauge intensive. Two months of my summer will be spent studying Russian in St. Petersburg! Ура!
2. I saw a concert by the St. Petersburg String Quartet last weekend. It was wonderful; it made me feel really sleepy.
3. On the knitting front, I made significant progress on my dad's scarf. It totally might be in the mail tomorrow.
4. I did a little work on my felted dragon. She's got eyes and upper teeth now.
5. Aaand I had a good time in Elyria. I got some craft supplies for various endeavors (thanks for the gift card, Grandma!), and had lunch at Fazoli's. That's right, all you kids in Minnesota. It's not in Coon Rapids anymore, but they've got them in Ohio. What do you get for not leaving the five state area? LESS ITALIAN FOOD.

Eight movies viewed
- High Fidelity
- I Heart Huckabees
- Rock 'n Roll High School
- The Talented Mr. Ripley
- The Incredibles
- Hairspray
- Purple Rain
- the Rocky Horror Picture Show

One weird occurrence
I was planning on watching RHPS earlier in the week, and got it from the library. However, several hours after I left the library (of the Oberlin Public sort), I realized they had not given me RHPS, but Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World. If it had been the original, I might have actually watched it. But no. It was some lousy sequel.

Things I said I'd do but didn't
- reread the 7th Harry Potter book (I got through three chapters)
- finish Lamb, by Christopher Moore
- do some work
- swatch for Blaze (sweater by Jenna Adorno)

The break with tradition
I did NOT sleep through church this morning, as I have done the last two years. (Yes, I was quite a bit late, but that's because I was eating breakfast and returning movies to the library.)

So, putting it all together like that, I guess I did do quite a bit. Maybe not. But I had a good time.


Ondrea said...

You're reading Lamb?? That's one of my all time favorite books. Are you enjoying it?

bdraeger said...

Immensely, when I find time to sit down with it.