20 March 2009

SB09 Day 1 - A Small Equation

A. It's been a while, friends. Almost 3 weeks.

B. January's posting habits made me do interesting things.

A + B = C

then C =

1. Cardio kickboxing and a New Testament test. As good as can be expected.
2. Listening luncheon with dear band. Mandarin takeout + speakers = new set list plan.
3. Knitting circle. Laminaria is out and about again.
4. Classy dinner with Liz at Black River. Rabbit ragout. Creme brulee. Win.
5. 'The Passion of the Jew' and 'The Coon'. In case it hasn't been mentioned frequently enough, Liz and I have this thing where we watch a lot of South Park. Yeah. It's awesome.

I conked out at about 9:30. Returning to sleep in 5... 4... 3... zz

(Photo credit goes to Eric Gjerde.)

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Knit Witch said...

I love South Park!