26 March 2009

SB09 Days 4 & 5 - In and Out of Oberlin


1. Picked up books of Akhmatova's poetry from Mudd. Not Anna. Raisa. (She's Chechen.)
2. Knitting at Smith's (again). Chuck left us in charge when he went to the bank; Cory signed for a package; some women thought we worked there.
3. A trip to the grocery.
4. Knit along to the documentary 'Mad Hot Ballroom'.
5. Newsies, again, this time with Cory.

My First Bread: Honey Whole Wheat Bread from the St. Martin's Cookbook

1. Breakfast (above photo + banana).
2. Mailed some books.
3. Excursion (thanks, Gail and Richard!).
4. Cleaned/rearranged room.
5. Ate dinner; listened to Elvis.

Wednesday: the Photo Narrative

Kirinlemon and me at Fine Points!

Kirinlemon bought Maaaaaaalabriiiiigo (sock yarn)!

Some Koigu KPPPM in it's natural habitat.

4 oz. Corriedale from Louet: my yarn diet is still intact!

Curry and Gyu-don at the Flying Cranes Cafe.

My new hobby: splitting desserts with friends.

A grilled sandwich of the peanut butter and banana variety. Also, milk.

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