23 March 2009

SB09 Days 2 & 3 - Eat, Knit, Sleep

Александр Панайотов: le Russian pop singer du jour, of the duo that brought you the hit, 'Balabalabalabalalaika'.

Pretty typical, uneventful last couple of days.

1. Knit some lace.
2. Ate some food and watched 'Pleasantville' with Anna.
3. Ushered at church.
4. Knit some lace with Jenny and Nicole.
5. Watched 'Cold Feet' (a 1989 movie with Tom Waits in it, which apparently belongs to someone in my house) and knit some lace.

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Talons said...


To answer your question, I have listened to one or two Stash and Burns and enjoyed them. Which ones are your favorite episodes? I will listen to those next.