26 March 2009

SB09 Day 6 - It's Thursday Already

How is it almost the weekend again? I have things I should really be doing...

Here's what I've been doing instead.

!. 11:00: Phone interview with Lutheran Volunteer Corps.
2. 15:30: Much sock progress is made while watching the Lion King with Cory.
3. 18:00: Preparing and eating of...
mustard green fried rice!

4. 21:30: Visited the hedgehog and was introduced (via YouTube) to Devandra Banhart. Was less than totally impressed, to be frank.
5. 23:00:Short margarita tour of Oberlin. Margaritas while watching Foxy Feve Guy play at Agave's open mic night, and then mojitos at the Feve. If we'd been on top of things, we would have gone to Lupita's (the restaurant formerly known as Casa Fiesta) first, but we'll hit that next time.
The Feve gets really empty during spring break...

С днём рождения, мама!

Today also included the formation of a list matching the sock yarn that I already have with sock patterns I would like to knit. I find the creation of this kind of list is endlessly enjoyable.

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