28 March 2009

SB09 Day 7 - A Short Day and a Long Night

14:11 - Wake up, bum around for a while.
15:00 - Knitting circle at Smith's. Worked on Laminaria. Knit one row, I think.
17:00 - Happy hour/Foxy-Feve-Guy-watching at the Feve with Cory, Linden, Alex, Kelsey, & Segroves & someone else that I recognize but don't actually know the name of. (Sorry!)
20:00 - The Big Lebowski.
23:00 - Cigars & whiskey (& nachos & taste of nirvana) on Alex's porch. Followed by 'the Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

I need to figure out how to wake up before noon again.

I started the second 'Knotty or Knice' sock during 'the Big Lebowski' and was quite pleased with the couple of inches I got done.

I have no photo for you today.

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