02 January 2011

January in a Five-Item List: 2-1-11

1. Slept on the couch last night, since I am finally blocking this thing I should have blocked three months ago on my mattress. I'll show you a picture, and tell you that it's the Hemlock Ring Blanket made out of ECO Wool, but I won't tell you who it's for, because they don't have it yet...

2. Finished reading Gender Outlaws: TNG.

3. Hung out with relatives in celebration of my aunt's birthday, which was Dec 31. Pizza, cake. Her new porch has a heated floor.

4. When she was in 7th grade, my aunt did a report on the USSR and wrote to the Soviet embassy for information. This is the propaganda they sent her, from 1973.

Highlights of these exercises in creative writing will be forthcoming, but we'll start you off with a picture from 'USSR Welfare'

5. The rest of the evening will be spent starting a book by Max Wolf Valerio, and working on that sock.

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Lynne said...

Yeah, Eco Wool + Hemlock Ring Blanket is a great combination. I'm actually knitting my brother a GIGANTIC garter-stitch blanket out of Eco Wool (held double) right now for his wedding. Gods help me.