15 January 2011

January in a Five-Item List: Ten Day Recap: the 20-Item Edition

I've skipped 10! count them! 10 days.

So, instead, a list of 20 interesting things that happened:

1. Blocked the Crown Prince Shawl. I probably bought the yarn for this almost exactly a year ago.

2. Got very angry about pastors making excuses for male God language.

3. Started knitting a dead fish hat.

4. Watched some West Wing.

5. Could have died. (I was on a major highway, in the leftmost of three lanes, hit some ice when traffic in front of me slowed, and spun out across two lanes of AM rush hour traffic and ended up half embedded in a snowbank on the (thankfully very wide) right shoulder, facing oncoming traffic. How no one hit me, I don't know.)

6. Got some hot chocolate, and was joined by Amoeba. Calmed down after the quasi-accident.

7. Learned how to defend myself against children hitting, kicking, choking or biting me, or pulling my hair at Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training. One of my coworkers decided to quiz me on these new defense skills whenever he feels like it.

8. Went to knitting circle! For the first time in, like, a month. Dead fish hat, go!

9. Hung out with Amoeba, before her departure for Costa Rica for two weeks. (She is posting updates every day on her blog!)

10. Acquired cold.

11. Slept.

12. Drank orange juice.

13. Saw my high school choir director on TV. He was singing in the Univ. of Arizona choir that sang at the memorial.

14. Watched more West Wing, including a very sad episode.

15. Slept.

16. Went to Drunken Knit Night and continued efforts to accustom my taste buds to coffee by drinking Guinness.

17. Cleaned out my inbox. So much more satisfying that cleaning real things.

18. Had lunch with Anna! Food = meh. Company = the best.

19. Made a mental note to self: Someday, make a (maybe punk?) concept album based on the Federalist Papers.

20. Talked to Cory! Walk = cold. Company = the best. And Hooray! for not getting lost while walking around my neighborhood on the phone. Small victories.

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Talons said...

I am so glad you did not die. Dead fish hat, yeah!