05 January 2011

January in a Five-Item List: 3-1-11

1. Not only did we play Monopoly, Jr. today at the before-school program, we also played "The Rules are Missing, I Guess We'll Have to Infer Them".

2. Several days ago, I went to Caribou Coffee for the first time in a long while. They were running this deal where you got a sticker for every drink you bought with chocolate in it. Once you collected five stickers, you got a free medium drink. I made it my mission to get a free drink. MISTAKE: the deal ended on 2 Jan, and not 3 Jan. D:

3. Whilst taking a brief nap at home, I missed a phone call... from Target Optical! Went and picked up these babies:

When I'm wearing a plaid green shirt and a scarf that obscures my neck, I think I look like Filbert from Rocko's Modern Life.

4. The after-school program wasn't starting until Tuesday, and so we had Giant Information Meeting of Overwhelming instead. Including the fun realizations that (1) there is no scheduled gym time for 3rd graders, which is Not Okay and (2) the 2-6 graders don't have anywhere to put their backpacks and coats.

5. Dinner at Dino's Gyros, which I do not visit frequently enough. Ate the hummus wrap, and some pita chips and feisty feta. The food was eaten concurrently with journaling and looking over my songwriting book, both of which need to happen far more frequently than they do.

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Dino's Gyros said...

Thanks for stopping in. Which location did you visit?