06 January 2011

January in a Five-Item List: 4-1-11

1. I woke up feeling absolutely awful about my life and my identity and having to get out of bed and deal with the world. Then I realized I was actually just cranky because I was really hungry.

2. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training: part one! It was okay, and somehow, half of it was about classroom management. What's that? You only got three and half hours of sleep? Drink a liter of something caffeinated.

3. Wandered around Borders and read for a while.

4. Day one of Central Park Winter TOPS was approximately 27x better than CP Fall TOPS day one. As long as we continue to have enough staff, this is going to be so much better than the fall.

5. Decided to skip knitting circle, because of the 3.5 hrs of sleep.
Plan: eat, check email, do some brain puzzles, read, drink a beer, and go to sleep.
Reality: eat, open a beer, fall asleep.

1 comment:

Cory Ellen said...

It's funny how often my bad moods coincide with a lack of calories in my system.

Also: I am in Oberlin. I walked past Agave and thought of you!