14 May 2008

Not Exactly the Metric System, but Hey.

Good evening dudes and ladies! (I know 'dudes and ladies' is kinda perpetuating the gender binary, but since it's a reference to DinoComix, it doesn't count!)

So, we've got multiple measuring systems in this world. There's the metric system, this weird other system that makes no sense that we're still using in the U.S. for some ridiculous reason, and those measure lots of things. For temperature, there's Celsius and Fahrenheit and Kelvin. And one of my science teachers in high school said if you pick numbers for melting and boiling points, you can make your own. I should do that someday. But. The point.

HOW, my friends, do we measure elegance? Well, today, specifically at lunch, I found the answer.

Is __________ more (or less) elegant THAN A CAMEL?

It seems subjective, but beware: it only really works with one camel. Someone asked what happens if there's two camels. If anyone ever questions your dromedary-based scientific credibility, here's how you can handle the conversation:

Other person: Are two camels more or less elegant than one?
You: The second camel interferes with my data. Get it out of my sight.

13 May 2008

That Retail Rush

First KnitPicks purchase! I'm really excited. Pictures from fellow Ravelers.

I bought 18 skeins of this (Shine Sport):

And here's the beautiful thing about Knit Picks: there's free shipping on all orders over $50. And since the above (needed for the cardigan I haven't been able to shut up about for weeks) totaled about 44.82, I was only $5 and change shy of free shipping. As the shipping charge would have been $3.99 anyway, it seemed only logical to buy four skeins of their Palette (sock yarn, probably Chevrolace and Baudelaire):

Also! I finally sent my package to my swap partner. Hooray! There's some priority mail comin' your way, Abby!

10 May 2008

For Liz, and Walter

I've written another song!

I wrote it as my final project for the X Files eXco. (There's probably an explanation of ExCo somewhere else on my blog - for those of you who don't know what it is. For the purposes of this post, you just need to know it's a class.)

I really wrote it for Liz (of FTFDB fame), who has pointed out on multiple occasions that a certain balding man on the X Files does not get enough love.

So this is for you, Liz.

Important information for listeners:

Each verse is from a different perspective.
verse 1 - random person on a local police force
verse 2 - a certain Russian ratboy
verse 3 - our favorite redheaded M.D.

06 May 2008


This morning, when I probably should have been doing something else, I realized what would have been the perfect write up for my winter term project (a write-up which I still technically haven't done):

A Brothers Karamazov text-based adventure game!

Seriously. I think my Python skills could handle it. I might have to make an accompanying document to guide the user through a limited number of possible commands, but it could be really neat. And extremely geeky. Frankly, at this point in my life, that's exactly what I'm going for. I mean, just last week I got the strong desire to become obsessed with Star Trek: TNG. And this week? I found xkcd.

If I don't get around to it soon, maybe my Principles of Computer Science class in the fall will have a final project!