22 February 2008

Friday Pie Blogging: the Travelin' Pie Edition

Travelin' pie mostly hangs out on trains an Greyhound busses an sometimes airplanes an always diners. Travelin' pie never hangs around for too long, so you gotta catch him an say hello when you can. This is the perfect time for that, seein' as how travelin' pie's here right now.

What is travelin' pie? you ask. Well, friends, travelin' pie is any sorta pie that feels like it's been sittin' in the display case at Perkins isn't how it envisioned it's life, and takin' a break and headin' out into the unknown for a while might do it some good. However, travelin' pie frequently becomes homesick pie whenever it gets too far from the good ol' bakery where it grew up, and that's why you see it hangin' out at all the diners. This means whenever you see pie at a diner, you should maybe eat it, since it'd be puttin' it outta it's misery, an' all. No one wants sad pie.

Sometimes pies travel for days, weeks, or years. If you encounter a pie that's been travelin' for years, you might not wanna eat it. This particular piece a pie that stopped by left town in mid-January, an' I hear he traveled in a refrigerated train car. I bet if you ate some it'd be okay.

Gotta be quick, though. Catch him an have a bite; he's only here a coupla more days.

17 February 2008

sweater update and a mite of sadness

So! I have just spent the larger portion of the last 36 hours on the OSCA Board Retreat. It was good times. Not the most academically productive of times, but who really expected it to be that, anyway?

What I did accomplish was the three-needle underarm bind off (without the US 4 dpns I knit with), the weaving in, and embroidery of the 'C' on my new little gray and maroon phone sweater. Now, my phone is all cozy. Of course, it doesn't need it as much right now, since the snow and ice are all melting in the rain. But my phone is adorable, once again.

The sadness began this morning. When I woke up, I realized that the toe of one of my Gryffindor Quidditch socks (the one that happened to be on the right foot) had a small hole, near the tip of the second toe. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DARN SOCKS! Perhaps I'll see if anyone at Smith's knows how. Once I remember what size needle I knit the socks on... If worse comes to worst, I can always reknit the toe, since they were done top-down.

...Were they really top-down?

...Yes...I'm pretty sure...

15 February 2008

sweater MIA

So, those of you who hang around me a lot probably know you don't see my phone a lot. Mostly, what you see is the sweater it's encased in. Specifically, the red sweater with a big C on the front for Charlie (Weasley, me). Unfortunately, that sweater has gone missing.

I noticed it was gone when I came home from church a couple of weeks ago, and I remembered having it earlier that morning as I was walking to church. Today, I finally remembered to stop by First Church and look for it. No luck. I've searched my room again, to no avail. It's time to make the replacement. Fortunately, I wrote myself a little pattern in my journal, so I can get the exact fit. It did fit perfectly.

The question: What do I make? Do I make another sweater? If so, same color, different color? (It should probably be solid, since it's a Weasley sweater.) Or should I make a little Totoro?

By the time anyone responds, I will have probably cast on already, but feel free to share your opinion. Hey, maybe I'll make both!

11 February 2008

Quiz pt 2

Yet another opportunity for you to test your mad garment ID skillz has presented itself. I was intending, a few weeks ago, to photograph a page from one of my mother's magazines. I forgot to do this before leaving MN, but I found a replacement. Without further ado:

1. What is wrong with this?

2. Is the concept alluded to above really that difficult to understand?

Answers in the comments!

07 February 2008

Exciting new things! + Lent

First of all, as part of my Lenten discipline (Lent having sneaked up on us so quickly) is this complaint-free world thing I heard about on Ian and Margery's show on FM 107.1 (a MN radio station). So, I'm not complaining, gossiping, or unconstructively criticizing. Or rather, I'm trying to teach myself not to. I'm also trying to get in a small amount (no definition, just some) recreational reading each day, because I've found that while I'm at school, that almost never happens. Sad face!

On to the excitement! NEW BLOG! RUSSIAN blog! Whoa. Dang. This is going to be fun. It's exactly what I've been looking for: an outlet for translating all of my ridiculous interests into Russian and imposing them on classmates! Because really, they HAVEN'T heard enough about the X Files yet. Also, I shall hopefully translate (for no reason whatsoever) at least one knitting pattern into Russian. Not that I have any idea what that would look like. ...I don't think anyone else in the class is this excited.

As far as the scheduling goes, I think I'm reaching a point where it's all coming together. I think I liked the Theater and Revolution class (in the Russian dept.) I took today. So, I think I'm going to drop out of Econ 101, which wasn't feeling productive, and do a private reading instead. I'm thinking about focusing on Anna Politkovskaya's works. I could even try to read some articles of hers in Russian... we are learning participles, after all. I hear it will transform my reading capabilities.

Other than that, there's not much going on. I didn't knit on Monday (I forced myself to rest after last weekend's marathon sessions), and I don't think I knit yesterday. I'll have to knit at least one row today.

Also, I'm trying an experiment. It hasn't worked yet, but here's my hypothesis: If I affix sudoku puzzles to the wall next to my bed and have a pencil stored nearby, when I wake up in the morning and don't want to get out of bed, I can do puzzles to help me stay awake, but still get the satisfaction of not leaving a warm bed for a little while longer. Maybe I should make one of my alarms designate 'puzzle time'. It's a thought. Or I could try NY Times crosswords...

Well, this post has devolved into inconsequential topics. We'll end it here.