28 March 2009

SB09 Day 7 - A Short Day and a Long Night

14:11 - Wake up, bum around for a while.
15:00 - Knitting circle at Smith's. Worked on Laminaria. Knit one row, I think.
17:00 - Happy hour/Foxy-Feve-Guy-watching at the Feve with Cory, Linden, Alex, Kelsey, & Segroves & someone else that I recognize but don't actually know the name of. (Sorry!)
20:00 - The Big Lebowski.
23:00 - Cigars & whiskey (& nachos & taste of nirvana) on Alex's porch. Followed by 'the Invasion of the Body Snatchers'.

I need to figure out how to wake up before noon again.

I started the second 'Knotty or Knice' sock during 'the Big Lebowski' and was quite pleased with the couple of inches I got done.

I have no photo for you today.

26 March 2009

SB09 Day 6 - It's Thursday Already

How is it almost the weekend again? I have things I should really be doing...

Here's what I've been doing instead.

!. 11:00: Phone interview with Lutheran Volunteer Corps.
2. 15:30: Much sock progress is made while watching the Lion King with Cory.
3. 18:00: Preparing and eating of...
mustard green fried rice!

4. 21:30: Visited the hedgehog and was introduced (via YouTube) to Devandra Banhart. Was less than totally impressed, to be frank.
5. 23:00:Short margarita tour of Oberlin. Margaritas while watching Foxy Feve Guy play at Agave's open mic night, and then mojitos at the Feve. If we'd been on top of things, we would have gone to Lupita's (the restaurant formerly known as Casa Fiesta) first, but we'll hit that next time.
The Feve gets really empty during spring break...

С днём рождения, мама!

Today also included the formation of a list matching the sock yarn that I already have with sock patterns I would like to knit. I find the creation of this kind of list is endlessly enjoyable.

SB09 Days 4 & 5 - In and Out of Oberlin


1. Picked up books of Akhmatova's poetry from Mudd. Not Anna. Raisa. (She's Chechen.)
2. Knitting at Smith's (again). Chuck left us in charge when he went to the bank; Cory signed for a package; some women thought we worked there.
3. A trip to the grocery.
4. Knit along to the documentary 'Mad Hot Ballroom'.
5. Newsies, again, this time with Cory.

My First Bread: Honey Whole Wheat Bread from the St. Martin's Cookbook

1. Breakfast (above photo + banana).
2. Mailed some books.
3. Excursion (thanks, Gail and Richard!).
4. Cleaned/rearranged room.
5. Ate dinner; listened to Elvis.

Wednesday: the Photo Narrative

Kirinlemon and me at Fine Points!

Kirinlemon bought Maaaaaaalabriiiiigo (sock yarn)!

Some Koigu KPPPM in it's natural habitat.

4 oz. Corriedale from Louet: my yarn diet is still intact!

Curry and Gyu-don at the Flying Cranes Cafe.

My new hobby: splitting desserts with friends.

A grilled sandwich of the peanut butter and banana variety. Also, milk.

23 March 2009

SB09 Days 2 & 3 - Eat, Knit, Sleep

Александр Панайотов: le Russian pop singer du jour, of the duo that brought you the hit, 'Balabalabalabalalaika'.

Pretty typical, uneventful last couple of days.

1. Knit some lace.
2. Ate some food and watched 'Pleasantville' with Anna.
3. Ushered at church.
4. Knit some lace with Jenny and Nicole.
5. Watched 'Cold Feet' (a 1989 movie with Tom Waits in it, which apparently belongs to someone in my house) and knit some lace.

20 March 2009

SB09 Day 1 - A Small Equation

A. It's been a while, friends. Almost 3 weeks.

B. January's posting habits made me do interesting things.

A + B = C

then C =

1. Cardio kickboxing and a New Testament test. As good as can be expected.
2. Listening luncheon with dear band. Mandarin takeout + speakers = new set list plan.
3. Knitting circle. Laminaria is out and about again.
4. Classy dinner with Liz at Black River. Rabbit ragout. Creme brulee. Win.
5. 'The Passion of the Jew' and 'The Coon'. In case it hasn't been mentioned frequently enough, Liz and I have this thing where we watch a lot of South Park. Yeah. It's awesome.

I conked out at about 9:30. Returning to sleep in 5... 4... 3... zz

(Photo credit goes to Eric Gjerde.)

01 March 2009

In which Bethany rants and marvels

First of all, I can't stop talking about this band.

I've been reading a lot of the reviews/criticism of Tinted Windows. Now, it's not really fair to write an opinion piece on the existence of a group, when you haven't heard their single yet. But that's not what ticks me off the most.

Most of what's circulating reads kind of like this: "new supergroup...Tinted Windows...dumb band name...Taylor Hanson? are you kidding me? Mmmbop...what the hell are the Cheap Trick and Pumpkins guys doing in the same band with the Hanson kid...blah blah blah".

1. 'Middle of Nowhere' (Hanson's first album) came out in 1997. I do believe my parents gave it to me for my 10th birthday. THAT WAS 12 YEARS AGO.

2. Taylor Hanson would have been 14. It's obnoxious to claim that someone who is now 25 is producing the same kind of music that they came up with in their early teens. I mean, Hanson didn't sound anything like 'MmmBop' even by the release of 'This Time Around' in 2000 (which was damn near 10 years ago). No one near my age that I've ever met listens to the same thing they listened to a decade ago.

3. Invoking the noun 'MmmBop' is a cop out. Any critic that's going to have anything worthwhile to say about Tinted Windows needs to have gotten all of the Hanson-bashing out of their system first. Alas, that would rid us of about 90% of them.

And then there was the critic who said he didn't really enjoy Fountains of Wayne. Double-u tee f. That sentence just plain doesn't compute.

Now that I've aired my grievances, how about this for interesting?

Friday morning I was reading an article in the Oberlin Review talking about how the local businesses have been dealing with the economic recession. There was some discussion about how shops like Bead Paradise have had to drastically change their ordering/stocking levels, but most of the article was centered on food prices, which affect both grocery stores and restaurants.

The biggest change we've seen so far was the recent closing of Downtown Pizza. Agave has since changed their hours to pick up more of the late-night crowd, and the Black River Cafe made up a dinner menu and is open in the evenings as of a few weeks ago. Just like probably everywhere else in the country, most restaurants and groceries have had to increase their prices. However, the person the reporter talked to at the Oberlin Market said that if she hadn't read about the recession in the papers and heard about it from other people, she wouldn't have known it was happening. Why isn't it impacting her business?

She sells mostly local and organic food. Oddly enough, when you don't use pesticides and don't ship things very far, oil prices don't really raise food costs. It may cost more in the first place, but local and organic food is becoming more competitive with Big Agriculture.

Isn't that kind of neat?