21 December 2009

A post! With lists! The world is in shock.

I frequently get really excited about many things at once, and then time gets away from me. But chances are, you knew this about me already.

So far, my time in LVC has been spent becoming interested and/or involved in many things, and then having to make thoughtful decisions about how to spend my time. Here are some things I've become focused on during the last couple of months:
1. The local knitting/fiber communities. I attended YarnCon, and have spent many hours at Loopy Yarns. I'm learning more and more about the yarns and designers local to Chicago, too. I'm continuing to obsess over lace.

2. Music. Of course, I have no drum kit to bash around on. But I do have guitars around, and have been writing songs that sometimes don't sound like shit. I'm registered for a songwriting class in the new year that I'm really excited about. Perhaps you'll get more mp3 links someday.

3. Russian. I haven't spent a ton of time working on language skills, but I did find a Russian bookstore and a Georgian bakery. Talked a little. Bought some good music. Bought some bad music. Bought khachapuri. Psyched about almost all of it.

4. Walking instead of giving the CTA my money. It's really not that bad. I spend about 1-2 hours walking each day. I swear guys, Lincoln Square's not that far.

5. Choir. I've joined the Immanuel Church Choir. Singing in a choir feels good.

However, the list of things I'd like to spend more time with is much longer:
1. Reading. I've been reading Moscow to the End of the Line, which I was definitely supposed to read last spring in my Russian Drugs, Sex & Rock & Roll class. It's good. Getting back into the habit of reading for pleasure is hard. I tried Twilight, even. Got halfway through the first book. A self-indulgent author, poor characterization: it sucks.

2. Chess. Someday I will be able to hold my own against someone who isn't Russian. (Note: 'Someday' refers to the very distant future. Possibly decades.)

3. Playing guitar. Writing songs (focusing on the creative, ignoring the technical) is really all I've been doing.

4. Swing dancing. I've meant to go out a few times, but haven't actually done it yet. Also, contra dancing.

5. Playing mandolin. I played it at LVC orientation, and made everyone think I know what I'm doing. I'm totally a poser.

6. Crossword puzzles. The cruciverbalist in me is crying.

7. Local radio. Needs to be appreciated. There is some station that broadcasts in Russian sometimes. Have I listened to it? No.

8. Russian/Georgian cooking. Kapusta i khachapuri. Cooking in general. Granola will happen, one of these days.

9. Photography. I missed my chance to photograph fall leaves. I need to not let winter slip by undocumented.

10. Refining my thoughts on eating environmentally consciously. I'm trying to move beyond vegetarianism as a crutch. It gets back to the reading thing, mainly.

11. Everything on the first list, but more so.

And now for something completely unrelated: I've become noticeably less quiet and reserved in recent months. I used to be extraordinarily quiet and reclusive, but I'm speaking up a lot more, and enjoying the attention that comes with it. I mean, I'm wishing it could have happened about a year and half ago, but it's quite nice, all in all.

Look at that. I didn't even talk to you about knitting hardly at all. Be super impressed by my restraint.