04 November 2011

October in Volgograd

I've been in Volgograd for a couple of months, now. I guess I should show you around.
My building.

Local tunnel. Стоматология = dentist.
Local graffiti.
Local corner.
Local ferris wheel (blurry, at night).
This is Sasha, and my wool blanket. These two major things make my apartment feel like a home.
Local monument.
The tramvai.
The wall inside Читай-Город. (Read City, a bookstore's whose name is a play on the Russian version of the name 'Chinatown'.)
Possibly the most fascinating part of my neighborhood. This is in a park behind my apartment, and it appears to be an empty fountain. What or who used to be honored on the platform in the center, I have no idea. I wish I knew.
Here, we have the neighborhood in October.

And of course, the knitting: the lace I've been working on either hasn't been photographed, or has been a source of frustration. So here are the Riverbed Socks that I am designing. I'm not sure there will be a concrete pattern in the end, but I am pleased that I found a stitch pattern that works well with the variegation of this yarn.