22 March 2011

Chicago Trip in Photos

Hello, my name is B(ethan)y, and I like to make lists.

I got back late Sunday night after spending a week in Chicago. I love Chicago. I love the friends I have there, I love the trains, there are so many local businesses I love supporting. Last week, I saw many friends, rode a lot of trains and buses, and bought entirely too many books. I also made a lot of lists.

Pets That I Met:
  1. Lolette, Alisha and Dan's dog
  2. Meep Meep, Elisa and Ben's cat
  3. Bean, Haymarket House's dog
  4. Socket, Haymarket House's dog
  5. Jengo, Haymarket House's cat

Places I Saw that Are Supposedly, According to the Wiki, Part of Genderqueer Chicago's Trans-Friendly Bathroom Initiative, but Don't Appear to Be Displaying the Corresponding Sticker in their Window
  1. Berlin
  2. Spin
  3. Ann Sather - Belmont location
  4. Potbelly - 924 W. Belmont location
  5. Kopi Cafe
  6. probably some others

Things I Kept Repeating
  1. "I love trains!"
  2. "I'm wearing cowboy boots."

Public Transit Boarded
(#s = buses, colors = trains)
  1. 56 - Milwaukee
  2. 77 - Belmont
  3. Blue Line
  4. 80 - Irving Park
  5. Red Line
  6. 92 - Foster
  7. 78 - Montrose
  8. 54A - Cicero
  9. 82 - Kimball
  10. 155 - Devon
  11. 22 - Clark
  12. 81 - Lawrence
  13. Brown Line
  14. Orange Line
  15. 11 - Lincoln/Sedgwick
  16. 49 - Western
Books Purchased
(most subtitles excluded for simplicity)
(don't let me enter bookstores for the next few months, please)
  1. Russian Stories / Русскые Рассказы (ed. Gleb Struve)
  2. Люди идут по свету (People Walk on the Dawn) (a book of Russian folk songs)
  3. Popular Lyric Writing (Andrea Stolpe)
  4. The Frustrated Songwriter's Handbook (Karl Coryat & Nicholas Dobson)
  5. From the Inside Out (ed. Morty Diamond)
  6. Trans Liberation (Leslie Feinberg)
  7. The Slow Fix (Ivan E. Coyote)
  8. Drag King Dreams (Leslie Feinberg)
  9. First Person Queer (ed. Richard Labonte)
  10. The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals (Richard Plant)
  11. Virtually Normal (Andrew Sullivan)
  12. Queer 13: Gay and Lesbian Writers Recall Seventh Grade (ed. Clifford Chase)
  13. The Drag King Book (Judith "Jack" Halberstam and Del LaGrace Volcano)
  14. Becoming a Visible Man (Jamison Green)

My Karaoke Choices at Spyner's
("The Western bus runs all night.")
  1. Roam (the B-52s)
  2. Friday I'm in Love (the Cure)
  3. I'll Make a Man Out of You (from Mulan)
  4. Seven-Year Ache (Rosanne Cash)
  5. Manic Monday (the Bangles)
  6. How Will I Know (Whitney Houston)
  7. I Wanna Be Sedated (the Ramones)
  8. 76 Trombones (from the Music Man)
  9. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) (the Proclaimers)
  10. Eternal Flame (the Bangles)
  11. Manic Monday (the Bangles) (again)

People Who Deserve Extra Thanks for Making my Trip Awesome
(in approx. chronological order)
  1. Jessie
  2. Alisha and Dan
  3. Elisa and Ben
  4. Kristin
  5. Amoeba
  6. David and Rachael & Haymarket
  7. Caroline & her roommates
  8. everyone at Loopy Yarns
  9. Ethan
  10. Grace
  11. new friends! Gabe, Jen, Meghan and Marie
  12. Erica