04 July 2008

A Good Day for Celebrating Independence

Happy Independence Day!

Even though I'm in Russia, I'm still finding ways to celebrate. Today at lunch, we had American food (hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob), and some "American" food, which was supposed to be American food, but you can really tell was made by Russians. This category included the macaroni and cheese (which is more noodles with some Parmesan sprinkled on top) and the apple pie (which was not so much pie, as a big apple pierog-like thing with a lattice top. Overall, I'd deem it tasty times. I loves the corns on the cobs.

Later this afternoon, there's going to be a picnic, possibly with some frisbee or similar activities involved. I think some of my friends have some plans to purchase fireworks, too. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I have plans to watch Twelve Angry Men and listen to lots of soul music today. Currently, the Marvelettes are begging Mr. Postman to check and see if there's a letter for them from their boyfriend (who sounds like kind of a jerk, to be honest).

In happy news, we at Feckless Nomenclature have commenced with the first sleeve of the Printed Silk Cardigan! And upon receiving this important article, (forwarded to me by the brilliant Danielle, I've decided I better get some buttons at that store I found not to far from my host family's apartment.


The freak storm which raged through the continental United States
Tuesday evening left people uninjured, buildings undestroyed, and
electric lines in place, but has rendered the country bereft of unused
buttons Scientists continue to investigate why this unprecedented
button-loving storm pulled button packs off store shelves and through
the windows of private homes with ferocious magnetic force, and yet left
those already on sweaters untouched.
While many rumors circulate as to the precise nature of the storm, it is
certain that the aftermath has left the country with a critical shortage
of buttons.
In his press release, this morning, the Secretary of the Interior,
stated that the shortage is expected "to run at least through October"
due to the large-scale outsourcing of US button industries in the past
few years and the resultant delay in importing the products. As a
short-term measure, 20 thousand pounds of buttons are being imported
from Canada at high cost. However, this supply has already been cornered
by several major clothing firms, reportedly due to their White House
connections, and it is therefore unlikely that any will reach the public
Mexico meanwhile, is holding out sending button relief aid in return
for immigration agreements which President Bush initially turned down,
saying that "Americans can't sacrifice freedom for buttons". However,
after an angry group of knitters, crocheters, weavers, librarians, and
major league baseball pitchers pelted Air Force One with beets,
President Bush has announced that he will enter into negotiations with
Mexico. CONT A3

Not to imply that I don't believe her when she tells me it came from the New York Times, but let me just say I have some talented friends.

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